About Us

Towel Caddie was invented by Golf Tee Store - an established online supplier of golf tees and accessories, the details of which can be found at http://www.golfteestore.co.uk

Based in the UK about 30 miles from London we provide outstanding customer service and monitor email communications 7 days a week except during our annual stocktake and shutdown which is usually late Summer.

Towel Caddie was developed due to recognition that many golfers spend too much time walking from the putting green back to their golf bag to clean their ball or clubs. The golf bag is often not very close to them particularly if a golf trolley is used and this is often worse in the winter months when greens tend to be roped off (at least in colder winter climates) and trolleys are left a distance away. The golfers go their bag to wipe their golf ball or putter head or iron as inevitably the golf towel is attached to the bag and not on the person where it is needed.

Towel Caddie enables the ball and clubs to be cleaned in situ without going to the golf bag and a unique feature is that an optional metal golf ball marker can be attached which means a golfer can mark their ball on the green, then clean it and replace the marker on the towel caddie whilst staying on the green.

If you wish to purchase towel caddie as a trade customer please go to the contact page on this web site and drop us an email or fill in the contact form. We will then get in touch.