Retractable Reel and Golf Towel (Code TC001)

Towel Caddie is a handy way to clean your golf ball or golf clubs using a microfibre mini golf towel clipped to your belt loop or the bottom of a pocket using the integral carabiner clip. Towel Caddie has three standard product options (TC001, TC003 and TC005) or you can personalised or customise two product options (TC002, TC004). A metal ball marker attached to the reel is also available.

The retractable reels come in a choice of 9 colours. Discounts are offered to trade customers by quotation.

TC001 - Retractable reel with towel.

Retractable Reel + Towel (Code TC001)

Retractable Reel + Towel (Code TC001)

Product TC001-Retractable reel with Towel Caddie Logo Sticker + towel. No customisation is available..


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